We need to get wet

I need to get wet...

Ya... me too.

I desperately need to get wet!

I see... then you guys come to the right place. 


Finding Nena

Hmm... where's Nena?

Ohhh, there she is!

Enjoying the fullest...

Oh dear, she even swallows cum!


A place to chill

Working in adult industry makes me horny every day...
I need a place to chill.

Now that's more like it!

Come, take a bite.



It's so hot, I wanna be fully naked.

Now that's more like it!

But here is still hot and horny...


Under the lustful sky

"Hey Michelle, come join us, make sure you cover your vagina."

Okay, okay, right away!

Here I come.


Back to resort

It's getting cold here...
Time to get back to swimming pool.

The pool isn't as good as the sea...
Let's take a shower.

Aaaah... the sea always makes me excited.